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In the realm of artistic expression, artificial intelligence is making its mark, especially in the field of music. AI is not just a supplementary tool but a revolutionary force that is enhancing the creative process for both amateur and professional musicians. From generating new compositions to mastering audio tracks, AI is transforming the music industry.

Amper Music: The Novice’s Best Friend

Amper Music tops the list as one of the most user-friendly AI music generators available today. It’s an ideal choice for those who are new to the world of AI-generated music. Amper Music simplifies the process by using pre-recorded samples to create authentic audio tracks.

The cloud-based platform is particularly beneficial for content creators or individuals looking to develop soundtracks for games, movies, or podcasts. With the premium edition, you have even more options that supplement you as the artist.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for creating music for podcasts, films, and video games.
  • Rich Sample Library: Offers millions of samples and a wide array of instruments.
  • Music Production Tools: Provides various tools to enhance the music production process.
  • Cloud-Based Service: Allows for easy access and additional features in the premium version.

AIVA: The Composer’s Assistant

Launched in 2016, AIVA has been continually refined to produce soundtracks for various media, including advertisements, video games, and films. It allows users to create music from scratch and even modify existing tracks. AIVA’s first publication was titled “Opus 1 for Piano Solo,” and it has also released an album and composed music for a video game. The tool enables users to develop music from scratch, and it can help produce variations of existing songs, all without having to worry about music licensing processes.

Key Features:

  • Preset Styles: Offers a variety of presets and specific music formats.
  • Free Version Available: Provides a functional free version for users.
  • Editing Capabilities: Allows for the modification of existing tracks.

Soundful: The Creator’s Choice

Soundful is designed to produce royalty-free background music for various types of content. It offers a simple and intuitive process to create unique tracks. Soundful’s algorithms are taught note-by-note alongside some of the industry’s most exciting producers and sound engineers.

Since they’re music theory trained one-shot samples, Soundful’s AI will never replicate a song that already exists, or even one from its own platform. Users can start with over 50 templates from different genres.

Key Features:

  • For Producers: Generate unique tracks effortlessly.
  • For Content Creators: Avoid copyright issues with unique, royalty-free tracks.
  • For Brands: Acquire affordable, high-quality music tailored to your needs.

Ecrett Music: The All-Rounder

Ecrett Music offers a straightforward interface and a wide selection of scenes, emotions, and genres, making it suitable for both amateurs and professionals. The AI music generator allows you to compose music for any video or game, and it comes with a royalty-free music generator to avoid any issues with licensing. To use the tool, you first select at least one option from Scene, Mood, and Genre before clicking “Create Music.” The tool then creates the music based on your choices, and you get different music every time even when using the same settings.

Key Features:

  • Trial Version: Allows users to try before subscribing.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers a straightforward and comprehensive user interface.
  • Customization: Allows for instrument and structure customization.

Soundraw: The Customizer

Soundraw provides a platform that combines AI compositions with manual tools, enabling users to generate and customize new music effortlessly. The platform has a customization feature that allows you to improvise and tune a single piece of music. While free users can use the music generator to create music, you must subscribe for unlimited downloads.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Provides a user-friendly experience.
  • Manual Tools: Offers a combination of AI compositions and manual tools.
  • Subscription Plans: Allows for unlimited downloads with a subscription.

Boomy: The Revenue Generator

Boomy is unique in that it allows users to create original songs and potentially earn revenue from streaming services. After you set a few filters and click “Create Song,” the tool’s creative artificial Intelligence writes and produces a full song in seconds. You will then have the option to reject or save it. And as you follow this process, Boomy’s AI develops a personalized profile for you to help create the best music.

Key Features:

  • Free and Paid Versions: Offers both free and subscription versions.
  • Revenue Generation: Allows for the submission of music to earn revenue on platforms like YouTube and TikTok.
  • Personalization: Creates a personalized profile to help generate the best music.

Loudly: The Quick Composer

Loudly offers a quick and easy way to create AI-generated songs with over 170,000 curated audio loops. The platform effectively matches the content needs of the following three types of users: Producers, Content Creators, and Brands. Easy to use tool that will create AI-generated songs in a matter of seconds.

Key Features:

  • Ease of Use: Provides a user-friendly experience.
  • High-Quality Output: Ensures high-quality music production.
  • Subscription Plans: Offers multiple subscription plans, including a free one.

WavTool: The Browser-Based Studio

WavTool offers a comprehensive in-browser music production suite, guided by its Conductor AI. With side-chain compression, advanced synthesis, flexible signal routing, and more, WavTool offers the ability to record, compose, produce, mix, master, and export all within the browser. Conductor can guide you through the process, provide recommendations, and make changes directly in order to make your music sound its best.

Key Features:

  • Browser-Based: No installations or downloads needed.
  • Guidance: Offers recommendations and instant changes.
  • Comprehensive Suite: Allows for recording, composing, producing, mixing, mastering, and exporting.

Amadeus Code: The iOS Maestro

Amadeus Code is an iOS-based app that allows you to create new melodies quickly. The AI music generator also allows you to use gestures to create brand new songs or recreate specific segments of previously composed songs. You can export audio and MIDI files to audio editing software, but you must purchase all of the songs you want to keep.

Key Features:

  • iOS-Based: Available as an iOS app.
  • Quick Melody Creation: Allows for the creation of new melodies in minutes.
  • Gesture Control: Enables the use of gestures to create new songs.

Conclusion: AI Music Generators

AI music generators are not just tools but catalysts that are revolutionizing the music industry. Whether you’re a professional musician, a content creator, or a brand, there’s an AI music generator that can meet your specific needs and enhance your creative process.

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